#21 – Generator Smarts: How to choose the best backup generator

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What We Covered

While fuel-powered generators don’t provide renewable energy independence, they do have their place. And they can be a great first step for anyone beginning their journey off the power grid.

Whether you are on the grid and looking for a backup generator to power your entire home during short blackouts, or you’re off the grid with a solar system and need a backup generator to supplement those times when it’s really cloudy for days on end, a generator could be a useful tool.

In this episode, we are drilling down into generators with some tips to help you choose the right one and avoid a costly mistake on a cheapo generator that dies quickly (best case) or that ruins a bunch of electronics in your home (worst case).


00:00 – Intro
02:31 – What do you need a generator for?
07:51 – What size should your generator be?
15:40 – Which fuel type is best for a generator? (gasoline, diesel, or propane)
24:01 – What are some good generator brands?
29:15 – Techie Tip: Neutral & ground bonding
33:04 – Don’t forget a transfer switch!
34:32 – Fuel storage
35:13 – Generator maintenance
36:53 – Why we went with our current generator

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