#25 – When Water Worked Wonders: The Spanish Flu & Hydrotherapy’s Triumph

Published by: The Ready Life

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What We Covered

Step back in time with us in this eye-opening episode as we dive into the health preparedness lessons learned from one of history’s deadliest pandemics, the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Discover how a simple yet powerful hydrotherapy remedy known as fomentation treatment offered a beacon of hope during this global crisis. We’ll explore the astonishing results people achieved with resources they had at home and discuss how these time-tested methods can be part of your health toolkit today. Join us to unearth the secrets of past generations and arm yourself with knowledge that stood the test of time!

Important Links

  • Fomentation Treatment Tutorial – Get free access to a video tutorial and booklet on how the fomentation treatment works and how it has been practiced historically.
  • Sustainable Preparedness – details on how to make your homestead systems (water, power, heat, etc) more independent


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