Want Peace of Mind When the Next Crisis Hits?

Gain the Skills and Confidence
to Live Independently

without relying on “The System”

The Ready Life Academy provides training and community to help busy people with limited budgets transition from dependence to self-sufficiency through sustainable & independent power, water, food, and heat for their country home.

Tired of Feeling At the Mercy of Unpredictable Events?

 In a world where stability is more myth than reality, dependence on external systems for essentials like food, water, power, and heat leaves you vulnerable. You’ve felt the nagging unease that comes with this reliance, but the path to change has seemed clouded and uncertain.

From natural disasters to the coming digital currency, the reasons for self-sufficiency are many.

  • End time events
  • Political instability & polarization
  • Government control
  • Wars
  • Extreme weather
  • Transportation disruptions
  • Supply chain issues
  • Pandemics
  • EMPs (electromagnetic pulse)
  • Attacks on the power grid
  • Aging and declining infrastructure
  • CBDC (central bank digital currency)
  • And the list goes on…

“We’re talking about your basic necessities–the stuff you can’t live without!”

100 years ago, most folks lived in the country, grew and preserved the bulk of their food, had their own water supply, and provided for their own heat. However, today we rely heavily on electric power for basic needs–from running water pumps and kitchen appliances to heating our homes. In other words, without power, you’ll lose the basic necessities of life.

That’s just for power. What about water, food, and heat?

Here’s a fact in America:


Wish their home had a reliable power source

And Yet Only...


of homes have some type of backup power source

But Something's Holding You Back, Right?

Feeling Lost In Your Journey To Independence?

"I'm excited about starting this journey, but there's so much I don't know. I need someone to lay it all out for me, so I can follow along without feeling lost."

Needing a Clear Path To Preparedness?

"Sometimes I don't even know where to begin. I want a clear plan that takes me from A to B, with step-by-step goals I can actually achieve."

Juggling Time and Responsibilities?

"I've got a full plate and finding the time to fit in homesteading practices is tough. I need to know how to make this work with my schedule."

Budgeting for Self-Reliance?

"I'm willing to invest in this lifestyle, but I'm worried about the costs. I need strategies that are practical for my wallet."

Looking for the Right Tools?

"I'm tired of endless searching for the right information. I need one reliable place to find everything I need."

Craving Connection?

"I'm looking for a tribe who gets it, people who I can bounce ideas off of and who can relate to my struggles and successes."

Here’s Your Pathway to Independence:
The 4 Building Blocks of Self-Reliance

Imagine a life where you’re not just reacting to crises, but are instead prepared for them.  In a world of increasing uncertainties, the path to peace of mind and independence is built on four key foundations (your basic necessities).

  1. Water Independence: Most country water systems are completely dependent on grid power to function. An independent water system provides you with water, regardless of what happens to the power grid.
  2. Sustainable Food Supply: Having a solid food storage plan provides security from bare grocery shelves.  Growing & raising much of your own food makes it sustainable and provides the highest quality.  Both are essential.
  3. Renewable Heating System: Keeping your home warm in winter is one of the most basic human needs.  A renewable source of heat will keep your family comfortable no matter what happens to the power grid.
  4. Self-Sufficient Power: In a world where almost everything relies on electricity, creating your own power system is an important step to independence, unless you choose a non-electric lifestyle.

These essentials are not just a good idea; they are the bedrock of your family’s independence and freedom.

The Ready Life Academy is your path to this reality!

The Ready Life Academy:
Your Blueprint for Independence

The Ready Life Academy is a training program and community that helps busy people with limited budgets transition from dependence to self-sufficiency, equipped with the expert help, essential knowledge, and supportive community they need to establish sustainable & independent power, water, food, and heat for their country home.

With our expert guidance at your side, clear and actionable training in your hands, and an encouraging community at your back, you’re fully equipped to transform your aspirations into action.

In The Ready Life Academy, you’ll be empowered to set up your 4 foundations:  Independent water, sustainable food, renewable heat, and self-sufficient power.

Rooted in Real Experience

Over 25 years ago, we left the hustle of city life, heading off-grid to the rugged Northwest. Our journey began with a tight budget and a big dream: a simpler life, less dependent on “The System.”

It wasn’t easy. Without a guide, we learned through trial and error.  But we proved that an off-grid life, comfortable yet independent, is not just a dream. It’s achievable.

Along the way, our mission evolved. We began sharing our journey, teaching classes, and reaching out online. For the last 18 years, we’ve been helping others avoid the pitfalls we faced and making their path to self-reliance faster and more affordable.

Now, through The Ready Life Academy, we’re turning our hard-earned lessons into your stepping stones. Join us, and step confidently into a life of true preparedness and independence.

~Nick & Lisa Meissner

Check Out What Our Clients Have Accomplished:

I took your online course several years ago when we bought our property.  Your class was invaluable!!  The land had nothing when we bought it, and with the knowledge i gained from your classes, i was confident making decisions in drilling and setting up the waterwell, the solar system, and many other aspects of starting from nothing and no knowledge of the subject.   I look forward to learning more to take this further into a homestead.  Thank you both for all you are doing and putting out in the world.

Fran - Texas

Nick & Lisa Meissner have been extremely helpful to us in our off grid journey! We have been off grid 5 1/2 years so far and love it. We are not very technical, as Nick is aware, but have managed to figure most things and with his help do some pretty major troubleshooting….What I’m saying is if we can do it anyone can!

Roger - Kentucky

Throughout the process, whether you knew it or not, you had a tremendous impact on our final path, a geodesic dome on about 30 acres that we kept, totally off the grid and totally sustainable. I think I went through the bootcamp totally four times and in parts another three or four times…I can’t begin to thank you enough for your insight in putting that program together.

PS – I’d like to add, the system is working far better than I thought I had designed it . . . a very good teacher and our Lord watching over us.

Mike - North Carolina

The off-Grid Boot Camp saved us at at least 50% of the professional estimates for our current system that we installed ourselves. Your class really made Off-Grid a “plug and Play” project. Thanks so much

Preston - Oregon

What's Inside The Academy?

Video/Book Library



Live Coaching

Smart Search


Here's a Sampling of What You'll Be Equipped To Accomplish: (click to expand)
  • Off Grid Power Systems
    • Accurately design your own off grid solar power system
    • Shave thousands off the cost of your system
    • Use & maintain your power system optimally
  • Food Storage
    • Create your own custom food storage plan with food that tastes great and virtually eliminates waste
    • Store the right amount of food for whatever timeframe you decide
    • Use all the common food preservation methods, including
      • Pressure canning
      • Water bath canning
      • Dehydrating
      • Freezing
      • Culturing
      • Curing
      • Grain storage
  • Grow Your Own Food
    • Break up a brand-new garden bed
    • Test your soil and add appropriate amendments to balance the soil for optimum nutrition
    • Choose & start your seeds
    • Plant & care for your plants
    • Build a compost bin and get it started
    • Take care of fruit (plant, graft & prune fruit trees, care for berries & grapes)
  • Water Systems
    • Choose your best option for a truly independent water system
    • Add a manual handpump to your well as a non-electric backup
    • Develop a spring on your property
    • Make your well fully functional regardless of grid power
  • Heat
    • Choose the right wood stove or wood cook stove for your needs
    • Collect the best wood-gathering tools for the job
    • Operate a wood stove or wood cook stove with confidence and safety
  • That’s Just a Sampling of What You’ll Be Empowered To Do!

Extensive On-Demand Video & Book Library

The Complete CollectionThe Ready Life Academy offers a comprehensive learning experience through in-depth videos and e-books–all taught by expert instructors.  Each piece of content guides you in acquiring essential skills and making informed, confident decisions you won’t regret later on.

With over 50 hours of video content at your fingertips, you won’t lack for concise but detailed information on so many topics, such as:

  • Off-Grid Solar Power
  • Gardening
  • Food Preservation
  • Independent Water Systems
  • And SO much more!
Here are some of the titles in the Video/E-Book Library: (click to expand)
  • Sustainable Preparedness 101
    • Ready or Not (biblical reasons for preparedness)
    • Health preparedness
    • The First Steps
    • What to look for in land or a homestead
    • Heating with wood
    • Renewable energy systems
    • Independent water systems
  • Dealing with Fire on the Homestead
  • Preserving the Harvest
    • The Home Grocery
    • Planning For Food Independence
    • Water Bath & Pressure Canning
    • Bread Making
    • Dehydrating
    • Freezing
    • Vacuum Sealing
    • Grain Storage
    • Culturing
    • Root Cellaring
    • Curing
  • The Lost Art of Natural Remedies: Hydrotherapy
  • Springhead Development
  • Tools for Country Living
  • Urban Danger
  • Getting Started with Wood Cook Stoves
  • Fall Gardening
    • Breaking Up A New Garden Bed
    • Testing & Balancing The Soil With Amendments
    • Fall Crops
  • Spring Gardening
    • Waking Up Your Garden In Spring
    • Testing & Amending The Soil
    • Planting Your Spring Crop
    • Composting
    • Field Crops
  • Fruit Culture
    • Growing & propagating grapes
    • Growing blueberries
    • Growing strawberries
    • Growing, grafting & pruning fruit trees
  • Planting by the Blueprint
    • The ultimate method for fruit & nut tree planting
  • Food Grower’s Guidelines
    • Historical overview of agricultural practices & how they affect gardeners
    • A systematic approach to scientifically balancing your soil
    • Dealing with problems in the garden
    • All about seeds
  • Winter Growing

Practical Courses, Real-Life Skills

Immersive courses provide an amazing way to digest and apply training, one step at a time. Our course library is already stocked with our flagship course Off Grid Boot Camp! That’s right! This $597 course is part of The Ready Life Academy for no extra charge.

More Details About Off Grid Boot Camp (click to expand):

Off Grid Boot Camp is the only course we are aware of that equips students to:

  • Clearly understand how an off-grid power system works
  • Accurately design their own solar system accurately (i.e. how many solar panels & batteries needed + more!)
  • Shave thousands off the cost of their power system without dramatically changing their lifestyle
  • Choose the right equipment
  • Understand how to use and maintain their system properly

Just the design portion alone could save you $1,000’s, as most retailers don’t have the time or ability to do an accurate design.  The energy efficiency module walks you through the most common appliances and how to drastically cut your power usage (and power system cost) without dramatically changing your lifestyle.

This epic course contains:

  • 9 extensive modules that each contain numerous video-based lessons
  • Over 35 hours of video training
  • Handy PDF outlines for lessons
  • Numerous sizing calculators that make life so much easier.

In addition to Off Grid Boot Camp, you also find other courses, such as:

  • Starting with Seeds (a video-based online course that covers what you need to know about saving seeds, starting seeds, caring for seedlings, and troubleshooting seed issues in a vegetable garden)
  • The Lost Art of Natural Remedies:
  • Hydrotherapy (an online course that thoroughly covers 13 different hydrotherapy treatments that have historically been used as natural health remedies)
  • And More Coming Soon!

Get Answers Fast, With Smart Search

All of this extensive training content is amazing!  But when you’re in the middle of a project, sometimes you just need a quick answer to a question, right?

The Community Hub is a great place to ask, but nothing is quicker than finding your question already answered in black & white.  That’s where The Ready Life Academy’s Smart Search comes in.

You’ll be able to ask conversational questions just like you were talking with us, and Smart Search will scour all 150 hours (and growing) of video content plus thousands of pages of printed material.  As long as your question relates to a topic we’ve covered over the years, you’ll receive a concise answer within seconds that pulls from any relevant sources.

And on top of that, it links you to each resource the answer was pulled from so you can see the context, if desired.

Smart Search is an amazing time-saver that you’ll use all the time!  And it keeps getting smarter as we add more and more content to our library.

Accelerators For Your Homestead Goals

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed on your path to independence? The Ready Life Academy’s Accelerators are here to jump-start your progress!

In these focused events, we tackle one key goal at a time through a structured, step-by-step plan. Over 4-6 weeks, you’ll use spare time to work alongside a supportive community, ensuring each week brings your family closer to preparedness.

Our first two Accelerators are already lined up, ready to guide you on this transformative journey:

January 2024: Build Your Own Food Storage System (click to expand)

In this 4-week Accelerator, you will learn how to create a food storage plan that is specifically tailored for your family, using the foods you already eat, and reducing the amount of waste that often occurs with food storage. The method we will be using is called the rotating pantry, where you will “eat what you store and store what you eat” in order to minimize waste. Once you have created your custom plan, you can start implementing it in your own pantry and scale it up gradually as your budget allows.

Early 2024: Homestead Budgeting (click to expand)

In this short accelerator, we’ll walk you through the method we used to purchase a solar power system and pay off a good chunk of our home–without going into debt and while making the least amount that we’ve ever made in our married life.  It’s not rocket science, but it is revolutionary, and it works!  We’ll help you get set up with a way to track your income and spending and then start some serious saving for your homestead projects.

Early 2024: Design Your Own Off-Grid Solar Power System (click to expand)

If you’re interested in going off the grid with solar power, the first crucial step is to accurately design your system. Most retailers don’t take into account local data like shade analysis and climate data, or your home’s power usage data, which can result in a power system that doesn’t function effectively. In this Accelerator, we’ll all work together to go through the design process and you’ll end up with your own personalized estimation of the ideal size for your solar array, battery bank, and inverter, so you can obtain a quote from a retailer. This process also assists in identifying appliances that, if changed, could lead to substantial savings on the cost of your solar system.

TBA 2024: More Accelerators To Be Announced In The Coming Months

Live Coaching With An Experienced Mentor

Sometimes you only need a few minutes to talk through a decision or problem. You’ll be happy to know that monthly (or as-needed) group coaching calls are included in The Ready Life Academy. And if you need Nick’s undivided individual attention on a project for a half or whole day, individual 1:1 coaching is available to Academy members at a discounted rate.

A Community Where Independence isn't Just a Dream—it's a Plan in Action

The journey to self-reliance is more than just about acquiring skills and knowledge; it’s about being part of a community that shares your values and aspirations. The Ready Life Academy is not just a learning platform; it’s a gathering place for like-minded individuals who believe in the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors and the power of shared experiences.

In the Community Hub you'll find: (click to expand)
  • Community Forum: Access our 24/7 online community for instant support, diverse expertise, and shared experiences.
  • Built On A Private Platform:  Many online communities are hosted on social media platforms (Facebook being the most common). I don’t know about you, but there have been too many privacy issues with Big Tech for my liking.  Our Community Hub is built on a private platform that is not connected with social media, so you can share your experiences with confidence.
  • Responsive Guidance: Post your queries and receive timely, practical responses that keep you moving forward.
  • Personalized Advice: Get customized suggestions for your unique homesteading projects from experienced members and our dedicated team. Or share from your experience to help out fellow members.
  • Accountability: Connect with peers for mutual support and accountability, ensuring consistent progress on your self-reliance journey.

From the moment you join The Ready Life Academy, you’re not just a member; you’re part of a family. Engage with peers who are on the same path, share your challenges and triumphs, and find inspiration in the collective wisdom of a community that’s as invested in your success as their own.

Welcome to our community – your new homestead haven.


What Would It Be Worth To You?

Peace of Mind

What's it worth to know that your family is not dependent upon the government or huge corporations for their most basic necessities? That they wouldn't be thirsty / hungry / cold if the power went off or other interruptions occurred?

And what about the peace of mind from knowing that, when you get stuck, you're part of a community that has experience and has your back?

Potentially $1,000's Saved

Even with only one project, such as a solar power system, the strategies you'll learn could easily shave thousands off the cost of your system--just from energy efficiency tips alone!

That's without even looking at the money saved by buying the right equipment the first time (which is a frequent problem for newbies).


Potentially Months of Time Saved

By having proven methods that work, in one place at your fingertips, rather than having to search all over creation to find the best option.

Also, by implementing time-tested strategies the first time, rather than being someone's guinea pig.

How much is that worth?

Having Systems In Place That Actually Work

How do you put a value on this? What's it worth to have experienced folks helping you set things up the right way and troubleshoot them if needed?

So, What Does It Cost?

Video/Book Library

The Complete Collection

$350 value

(at the discounted package price)


$695 value

(with more coming soon!)

Accelerator Events

$400/year value

(members-only, not open to public)

+ 1 Year of Group Coaching Calls – $300

+ 1 Year of Community Support – $300

= $2,045 value

But Since We Want This To Be Accessible To Everyone…

You can enroll today for only:

We stand behind the transformative power of The Ready Life Academy with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel confident in your path to self-reliance within the first 30 days (for annual subscriptions) or 7 days (for monthly subscriptions), just submit a support ticket and we’ll make it right.

You have our word on it,

Nick & Lisa Meissner


I’m so excited!! Finally got my off grid solar up and running...Thanks so much to Nick & Lisa Meissner for the Off Grid Boot Camp. I learned so much and it gave me the confidence to understand what I was doing!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does My Membership Include?

In addition to exclusive access to Accelerator events, live coaching calls, and our amazing Community Hub, your membership grants you an all-access pass to our extensive 150+ hour collection of  videos, books, and online courses by various expert instructors. This includes titles like “Fruit Culture,” “Independent Water Systems,” our flagship course “Off Grid Boot Camp,” and much more, ensuring you have a comprehensive resource for your journey to self-reliance.

Is this a step by step approach?

No two families will have the exact same journey to independence.  It’s not a linear experience.  Becasue of this, it’s easy to feel confused with no clear plan.  Chaos is the enemy of action, so we have developed a systematic approach to analyzing your current situation and determining your next steps.

During onboarding, you’ll be directed to a tool that uses your answers to several questions to identify your homestead’s strengths and weaknesses.  Then you’ll be directed to a short course on the first steps, where you’ll be guided through the process of determining your highest priority items to work on and have a high-level game plan for the future.

How Long Do I Have Access to the Academy Materials?

As long as you are an active member, you’ll have uninterrupted access to all Academy materials. Your membership keeps these resources at your fingertips for continuous learning and application.

What Are the Technical Requirements for Accessing the Academy?

The Academy’s platform has a user-friendly mobile app available for iOS and Android.  But you may find that for heavy-duty use, the best experience can be had using a computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux).  This is especially true when using one of the calculators that are provided in various parts of the course.  Regarding your internet connection…as long as it is capable of streaming YouTube videos (for instance) or making a Zoom call, you should be fine.

How Can I Get Support for Technical or Content-Related Queries?

For strictly technical support issues relating to the platform or reporting errors, please open a ticket at support@susprep.com. For content-related queries, our Community Hub is available 24/7 for posting questions and engaging with members, as well as our live group coaching calls.

What Is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

If you are not fully satisfied, we offer a full refund if requested within the following periods from the date of your original subscription:

  • 30-days – for annual subscriptions
  • 7-days – for monthly subscriptions

If you’re not fully satisfied, simply cancel your subscription in the Academy portal and then reach out to us during the above timeframe at support@susprep.com to request a refund via our support ticketing system.

How Often Is New Content Added to the Academy?

We regularly update the Academy with new content, including responses to community questions, new Accelerator events, and additional courses (as well as necessary updates to courses when required). This ensures our content remains relevant and comprehensive.

Who Is Eligible to Join the Academy?

The Academy is open to anyone over the age of 18, with the exception of those located in the EU, due to specific regulations.

While some of the actions discussed may only be feasible in a rural location, the Academy welcomes Suburbanites and City-dwellers with open arms and it will prove very beneficial to them in their journey, so they can make wise decisions when relocating to the country.

What Makes The Ready Life Academy's Accelerators Unique?

Our Accelerators focus on achieving specific, practical outcomes within a set time frame. With structured weekly plans and community support, they are designed to fast-track your progress in key areas, as well as provide a high level of support and accountability.  It’s also a lot of fun!

What Are the Live Coaching Calls About?

Sometimes it’s easier to just work through a quick issue on the phone.  These calls usually last around an hour and offer a chance to discuss any challenges or decisions you’re facing, with monthly sessions available for all members. During Accelerator events, these calls may be more frequent.

And if you need my undivided attention for a half or whole day, I do make a few private 1:1 coaching slots available to members at a discounted price.  There should be a link in your portal, but feel free to submit a support ticket at support@susprep.com.

How Can I Make the Most Out of My Membership?

Follow the plan, engage actively with our content, participate in community discussions (help others–you’ll be needing their help someday!), join Accelerators and actively participate, and if needed, attend coaching calls to fully leverage the wealth of resources and support available in the Academy.

How much time would I need to put into this Academy?

You’ll get out of it what you put into it.  But having said that, we designed this Academy with busy folks in mind.  We know how it is to be going 100 different directions!

With that in mind, our content library can be consumed at your own pace, or you can only use it as an on-demand resource.  Community engagement shouldn’t take any longer than you would on Facebook, except your time here will likely be worth a lot more :-).

The main items that are date-sensitive are Accelerators and live coaching calls.  For Accelerators, our goal is to limit the time required by your action items to 1-2 hours per week (with the understanding that occasionally there may be a task that requires more than that).  And we make every effort to record live coaching calls, so you can review them after the fact at your own pace.

Are There Any Discounts or Special Offers for New Members?

Yes, we offer a special annual discount that gives you 2 free months of access (~17% off).

Is There a Way to Connect with Other Members Outside of the Platform?

While most member interactions happen within our Community Hub (you can direct message other members), we encourage members to connect and potentially organize their own meetups if desired.  We will try to facilitate this in the platform if requested, as members can help each other out and be a huge benefit.

Can I Upgrade My Membership for More Features?

Currently, our membership model offers full access to all features. We aim to provide comprehensive value without the need for upgrades.

What Happens If I Miss a Live Coaching Call or Accelerator Session?

No worries if you miss a session! We do our best to record all live events, and replays are made available for members, ensuring you can catch up at your convenience.