#11 – 7 Tips To Help You Conquer Overwhelm

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What We Covered

Overwhelmed as you embark on your off-grid adventure?

Join us as we open up about the realities of homestead overwhelm and share our personal journey through the disarray that visits whenever you feel overwhelmed.

As fellow homesteaders, we understand the challenges that come with striving for self-sufficiency off the power grid. And in this episode, we share 7 tips that help us deal with the root causes of our own overwhelm, so you can make progress in your homesteading journey–without the pandemonium.

In this episode:

  • Establish a rhythm / schedule
  • Make sure your goals are attainable / reasonable
  • Focus on one thing until it’s mastered/completed, then work on mastering the next thing – finish what you start. 
  • Get out of short-term “survival” decision-making mode and start to make solid long-term decisions that you’ll be happy with later on. 
  • Do what you reasonably can and leave the rest in God’s hands. Human effort + Divine power = success.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • The 4 burner principle (priorities)
  • Stop and smell the roses (and enjoy the waterfall) 😄


00:00 – Intro
07:53 – Establish a rhythm
10:40 – Attainable goals
11:!5 – Long-term decision (rather than survival mode)
14:45 – The 4 burner principle
16:34 – Complete what you’re on before moving on
18:40 – Avoid comparing yourself with others
21:33 – A favorite quote: take time to enjoy life
26:16 – Human effort + Divine power = success (i.e. do what you can and don’t sweat the rest)
28:50 – First step: take a break right now

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